is a service that redirects requests to cloud providers to first pass-thru Cloudflare's edge cache in order to utilize their massive CDN network but also to take advantage of the Bandwidth Alliance for free bandwidth between Cloudflare and the provider. No bandwidth costs are occurred when accessing your files through's URLs.

This service is intended to be used for those who want a simple and free file host but with the security of reliability of large cloud storage providers. It is perfectly suited as a B2 uploader for screenshot and file sharing tools like ShareX. Unlike other free cloud storage/hosts, you have full control over your files and can make local backups among other advanced features through your cloud provider access. If you are ready to begin, sign up now with a provider and create a bucket.

Download bandwidth cost: $0.01/GB vanity URL:
Download bandwidth cost: FREE!
This service is a public implementation of the strategy from free personal image hosting with backblaze but all the advanced setup has been done for you except for signing up for a B2 account. I highly recommend the blog post on how to setup shareX.
At this time only backblaze B2 is supported, but hope to be adding more cloud providers from the Bandwidth Alliance. If there is a particular provider you wish to be added please get in touch.

Backblaze B2 is a cloud storage solution similar to Amazon AWS S3, but at a fraction of the cost. The first 10GB of storage are entirely free with no payment information required to get started. Backblaze is where your files will be stored and has no access to your files.

Enter your public backblaze bucket name:

Download bandwidth cost: $0.01/GB URLs:
> https://
> your-bucket-name/uploadedfile.png
Download bandwidth cost: FREE!

OR you can use a vanity subdomain;
Public backblaze bucket name to create/rename:

Subdomain support

You can now use the vanity method to register your own subdomain on and no longer need to rely on a folder name. The website finally got a theme thanks to this single-page html landing page goes live

Please to announce the service is launched with support for Backblaze B2. All credit goes to James Ross and his blog post on Using Backblaze B2 and Cloudflare Workers for free image hosting

Discord: ØPTERON#0001
Email: [email protected]